reportIncorrectRecaptcha : send complaint on a Recaptcha

Complaints are accepted only for proxy-on and proxy-off Recaptchas. It is important to read the following description, otherwise our system might put ban on your reports.

Due to inability to check your report like we do with image captchas, your complaint first passes statistics analysis in our backend, and afterwards accepted only in case of its positive outcome. What we basically do is comparing your reports statistics with statistics of other trusted customers. If your report rate has too high difference from other reports, then it will be ignored for a period of several days. Thus, for best results you should always monitor your automation processes and send reports only in case when you are 100% sure Recaptcha was wrong.

Not all reports are accepted. In order to calculate your average fails rate with proper level of accuracy, minimum 100 of recaptcha tasks per account must be sent for recognition per 24 hours.

Consider these cases:

  1. You've made an automation script which navigates to a web page with form and Recaptcha, fills the form and submits it. Your average fails rate was 8-12% and you were reporting them, receiving refunds from the system. In one day something changed on that page and you started getting 100% failed rate. Your automation script was left unattended and thus you've sent all of the failed reports to our API.
    Result: Your reports now ignored for several days in our API.
    Fail rate of 100% means something had been broken completely, like web page adding new hidden fields to the form or javascript which checks real user's presence.
    How to avoid: Monitor success rate programmatically and in case of significant changes stop the process and send alert to yourself.

  2. Your accounts sends on average 80 recaptchas per day, 10 of them you report as failed.
    Result: All of your reports are ignored.
    Reason: To correctly measure account statistics we need more usage data. Minimum daily amount of Recaptchas must be no less than 100 units per 24 hours. 
    How to avoid: Send above 100 recaptcha tasks per day, the more the better.

Reports must be sent within 60 seconds after task completion. If you send report later, API will return ERROR_NO_SUCH_CAPTCHA_ID error. It is allowed to send only one report per task.

Method address: 
Request format: JSON POST

Request parameters:





clientKeyStringYesThe client's API key, can be found here
taskIdIntegerYesID which was obtained in createTask method.

Response structure




errorIdIntegerError identificator.
0 - complaint accepted
16 - captcha not found or expired
statusStringsuccess - complaint accepted