Forms with Recaptcha. Submit automation scheme.


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Go to target website, this one for example.

  1. Find this HTML tag with sitekey parameter:

    <div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="6Lc_aCMTAAAAABx7u2W0WPXnVbI_v6ZdbM6rYf16"></div>

    If you don't see it in source code, check out this article.

  2. Send this sitekey, page address and other data to our API in a NoCaptchaTask object.
  3. Our service solves your captcha and returns you hash string. Its like a long password with lots of letters.
  4. Use this hash while submitting your form to target website in "g-recaptcha-response" parameter

    Important. The above example is not the only way the target website may send it to it's backend. It might be hidden in AJAX POST request, name of the "g-response" parameter might be different, etc. You have to reproduce exactly in the way it is on the target website. This article will help you to find the way in complex situations.

  5.  Viola !

    It works!

Graphical explanation

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The speed. It doesn't matter how fast we solve Recaptcha. If you want to make it look that captcha solved immediately (like seconds for clicking the checkbox), you must follow above steps in different order: 2,3,4,1,5 . This is because "sitekey" parameter almost never changes on the target website, it's constant. G-recaptcha-response expires in 120 seconds after being generated. Simply get g-recaptcha-response first, then visit the target form and submit it with pre-solved g-recaptcha-response.
We have to also notice that each g-response can be used only once. (We received a message from a man who was surprised the fact that he can't use it several times within 120 seconds timeframe).

How does it look like for human worker. We made a simple-to-use, but very reliable desktop application where human workers can earn some money for solving Google puzzles. Application does not have access to clients' critical data like proxies, because it's working via intermediary proxy server which works like a tunnel between workers computer and clients proxies.