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1ERROR_KEY_DOES_NOT_EXISTAccount authorization key not found in the system
2ERROR_NO_SLOT_AVAILABLENo idle captcha workers are available at the moment, please try a bit later or try increasing your maximum bid here
3ERROR_ZERO_CAPTCHA_FILESIZEThe size of the captcha you are uploading is less than 100 bytes.
4ERROR_TOO_BIG_CAPTCHA_FILESIZEThe size of the captcha you are uploading is more than 500,000 bytes.
10ERROR_ZERO_BALANCEAccount has zeo or negative balance
11ERROR_IP_NOT_ALLOWEDRequest with current account key is not allowed from your IP. Please refer to IP list section located here
12ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLECaptcha could not be solved by 5 different workers

100% recognition feature did not work due to lack of amount of guess attempts

14ERROR_NO_SUCH_METHODRequest to API made with method which does not exist
15ERROR_IMAGE_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTEDCould not determine captcha file type by its exif header or image type is not supported. The only allowed formats are JPG, GIF, PNG
16ERROR_NO_SUCH_CAPCHA_IDCaptcha you are requesting does not exist in your current captchas list or has been expired.
Captchas are removed from API after 5 minutes after upload.
Reports for incorrect captchas accepted within 60 seconds after task completion by a worker.
20ERROR_EMPTY_COMMENT"comment" property is required for this request
21ERROR_IP_BLOCKEDYour IP is blocked due to API inproper use. Check the reason at
22ERROR_TASK_ABSENTTask property is empty or not set in createTask method. Please refer to API v2 documentation.
23ERROR_TASK_NOT_SUPPORTEDTask type is not supported or inproperly printed. Please check \"type\" parameter in task object.
24ERROR_INCORRECT_SESSION_DATASome of the required values for successive user emulation are missing.
25ERROR_PROXY_CONNECT_REFUSEDCould not connect to proxy related to the task, connection refused
26ERROR_PROXY_CONNECT_TIMEOUTCould not connect to proxy related to the task, connection timeout
27ERROR_PROXY_READ_TIMEOUTConnection to proxy for task has timed out
28ERROR_PROXY_BANNEDProxy IP is banned by target service
29ERROR_PROXY_TRANSPARENTTask denied at proxy checking state. Proxy must be non-transparent to hide our server IP.
30ERROR_RECAPTCHA_TIMEOUTRecaptcha task timeout, probably due to slow proxy server or Google server
31ERROR_RECAPTCHA_INVALID_SITEKEYRecaptcha server reported that site key is invalid
32ERROR_RECAPTCHA_INVALID_DOMAINRecaptcha server reported that domain for this site key is invalid
33ERROR_RECAPTCHA_OLD_BROWSERRecaptcha server reported that browser user-agent is not compatible with their javascript
34ERROR_TOKEN_EXPIREDCaptcha provider server reported that additional variable token has been expired. Please try again with new token.
35ERROR_PROXY_HAS_NO_IMAGE_SUPPORTProxy does not support transfer of image data from Google servers
36ERROR_PROXY_INCOMPATIBLE_HTTP_VERSIONProxy does not support long GET requests with length about 2000 bytes and does not support SSL connections
37ERROR_FACTORY_SERVER_API_CONNECTION_FAILEDCould not connect to Factory Server API within 5 seconds
38ERROR_FACTORY_SERVER_BAD_JSONIncorrect Factory Server JSON response, something is broken
39ERROR_FACTORY_SERVER_ERRORID_MISSINGFactory Server API did not send any errorId
40ERROR_FACTORY_SERVER_ERRORID_NOT_ZEROFactory Server API reported errorId != 0, check this error
41ERROR_FACTORY_MISSING_PROPERTYSome of the required property values are missing in Factory form specifications. Customer must send all required values.
42ERROR_FACTORY_PROPERTY_INCORRECT_FORMATExpected other type of property value in Factory form structure. Customer must send specified value type.
43ERROR_FACTORY_ACCESS_DENIEDFactory control belong to another account, check your account key.
44ERROR_FACTORY_SERVER_OPERATION_FAILEDFactory Server general error code
45ERROR_FACTORY_PLATFORM_OPERATION_FAILEDFactory Platform general error code.
46ERROR_FACTORY_PROTOCOL_BROKENFactory task lifetime protocol broken during task workflow.
47ERROR_FACTORY_TASK_NOT_FOUNDTask not found or not available for this operation
48ERROR_FACTORY_IS_SANDBOXEDFactory is sandboxed, creating tasks is possible only by Factory owner. Switch it to production mode to make it available for other customers.
49ERROR_PROXY_NOT_AUTHORISEDProxy login and password are incorrect
50ERROR_FUNCAPTCHA_NOT_ALLOWEDCustomer did not enable Funcaptcha Proxyless tasks in Customers Area - API Settings
All customers must read terms, pass mini test and sign/accept the form before being able to use this feature.
51ERROR_INVISIBLE_RECAPTCHARecaptcha was attempted to be solved as usual one, instead of invisible mode. Basically you don't need to do anything when this error occurs, just continue sending tasks with this domain. Our system will self-learn to solve recaptchas from this sitekey in invisible mode.
52ERROR_FAILED_LOADING_WIDGETCould not load captcha provider widget in worker browser. Please try sending new task.
53ERROR_VISIBLE_RECAPTCHAVisible (v2) recaptcha was attempted to solved as invisible (v2)
54ERROR_ALL_WORKERS_FILTEREDNo workers left which were not filtered by reportIncorrectRecaptcha method.
55ERROR_ACCOUNT_SUSPENDEDSystem suspended your account for a reason. Contact support for details.