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About version 2.0

API version 2 works on address and it works only via HTTP POST methods, data format is JSON.

To solve a captcha, you need:

  1. Create captcha task via via createTask method which will return task ID. 
  2. Wait a few seconds to let system assign captcha to an employee and retrieve result.
  3. Request captcha solution with getTaskResult method. If captchas is not solved yet, go to step #2.

Basic API scheme

Solving Google Recaptcha Puzzle

Works the same way, send website address and "sitekey" parameter to API and we will return g-recaptcha-response. Detailed scheme is here, and more complex situations are described here.

Additional methods:

  • Check account balance
  • Request real-time system load statistics.

Advanced API:

For the smartest of you we have functionality which allows to send our employees any type of tasks, like social networks activity, moderation, SMS transmitting, translating texts and any other crowdsource tasks. For more information please visit this section.

Forms with Recaptcha. Submit automation scheme.

Examples and classes for several languages.

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